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Senator Burr: It's Time To Crack Down On Wall Street

Please sign this petition in support of real, effective consumer finance protections. We will deliver the petition and your message to Senator Burr.

We, the undersigned, call on North Carolina Senator Richard Burr to immediately sponsor and vote for the passage of effective consumer finance protection legislation that includes the following:

1. Protect consumers with a Consumer Financial Protection Agency. The new agency should add simplicity and transparency to financial transactions because consumers deserve to know the true risks of purchasing a product.

2. Recoup the money we gave banks to keep them afloat and discourage them from taking such risks again. Revenue from the fee should go toward paying down the deficit, much of which has been accumulated because to the current financial situation.

3. Re-enact a modern Glass-Steagall Act. No bank should be ?too big to fail.? The designation gives the institutions a government safety net that, over time, encourages risky behavior.

We look forward to hearing more about Sen. Burr's support of these items.
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284 total signers.


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