Tell Sen. Burr to Support Health Care Reform

Recently the full U.S. Senate began debating the health care reform bill and the public option. Republican Senators - including North Carolina's Richard Burr - have been threatening to vote against health care reform as a political maneuver.

Just this week a majority of Americans were found to support the public option. Last week hundreds of North Carolinians overwhelmingly called for national health care reform and the public option in Elaine's first issues survey.

We need Senator Burr to work for North Carolinians, and not the insurance lobby.

Join Secretary Elaine Marshall and call for Sen. Richard Burr to vote for the public option. Sign the petition below to send Burr a message today!

Send your personal message to Sen. Burr.


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Number Date Name Location Send your personal message to Sen. Burr.
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1644 December 21, 2009 Robert Coy Belmont
1643 December 21, 2009 hazel robinson Durham N.C. PLEASE, PLEASE SUPPORT THE PUBLIC OPTION!
1642 December 21, 2009 jim lonz matthews Work for the people , not the corporations!!!
1641 December 21, 2009 chris osborne apex Senator Burr, Hold your ground. These democrats are soon to be history and once again will ruin America.Stand firm against these Socialist and Obama.
1640 December 21, 2009 Juliaette Bridges Elizabeth City
1639 December 21, 2009 Patricia OConnor Chapel Hill Senator Burr,
I am a new resident of North Carolina, having just recently moved from Northern Virginia. I am writing to inform you that my partner and I are in favor of a public option for healthcare. I am disappointed that ELECTED officials on both sides have made a mockery of true reform and passed a bill that will not aid us in any meaningful way. You should be ALL be ashamed--and you should ALL be forced to give up yours and your familys' insurance until you are able to write a meaningful piece of legislation.
1638 December 21, 2009 Tom Munk Carrboro At least allow a vote. Delaying the Senate's business is outrageous behavior.
1637 December 20, 2009 chris khoury chapel hill we need health care, similar to what the federal gov offers to its employees. why can't the citizens of this country have the same acess as those in our government?
1636 December 19, 2009 jesse king lexington kill the public option and we will send these liberal wackos like Elaine Marshal to San Francisco where she belongs. Hell no most North carolinians DO NOT support this socialist agenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
1635 December 19, 2009 Suzanne Polsky Apex
1634 December 18, 2009 Allen Spalt Carrboro We need thorough health care reform with a robust public option. Despite your stated opposition, I hope you will represent the majority of North Carolinians who favor this approach.
1633 December 18, 2009 Howard Keziah Charlotte Think of helping other people with a public option.
1632 December 18, 2009 Howard Keziah Charlotte
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